A technology stack, otherwise known as a solution stack, data ecosystem, or technology infrastructure, is a comprehensive list of all of the various technical services and tools used to build and operate a single application. They provide an easy and accessible way for developers to communicate large amounts of information regarding how an application was created and is designed to function. CPG eCommerce brands need to understand tech stacks and how each of the various technological services within them operate. This understanding will allow them to select specific businesses that offer a particular range of services that would be most beneficial for them. 

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At present, Shopify has approximately 100 different technologies and applications within its tech stack. A handful of its most popular apps include Shopify – eCommerce Business, Shopify Point of Sale (POS), Shopify Ping, Delivery & Order Tracker, and Logo Maker: Design & Create. These applications receive anywhere between 300,000 and 3.5 million downloads per month.

Shopify’s current tech stack’s top digital tools include Google Analytics, Facebook Shops, and Instagram Shopping. However, this is far from a comprehensive list of all that Shopify has to offer its users. Additional free tools built into the Shopify system include a QR code generator, logo maker, business card maker, and much more.


Klaviyo utilizes a tech stack that is largely fueled by real-time data processing and data science analysis via Java and Python programming languages. Java typically allows for the production of code, while Python allows for program experimentation. These elements have allowed Klaviyo to significantly advance its platform and technological services through its full-stack engineers’ hard work. They have pulled together an effective email marketing tech stack that has seen a good deal of success. The tools included in its tech stack allow users to send target email campaigns and observe how consumers have interacted with past emails.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a type of small business accounting application that Intuit developed to act as a tool within the accounting category of tech stacks. Intuit was also responsible for creating the tax preparation application TurboTax and the personal finance application Mint. Intuit itself operates off a tech stack containing multiple technological services, many of which use Python and Java. QuickBooks offers several services and tools within its application to assist with everything from accounting and payroll to live bookkeeping and expense management for freelance workers. 


ShipHero was developed to replace older eCommerce shipping software that was considered less effective. They utilize several application integrations within its tech stack that have made it easier for CPG e-commerce brands to connect their platforms to shipping carriers without the need for complex coding. However, they also offer an open application programming interface (API) for brands who want to integrate coding. It utilizes the applications Python, NGINX, Modernizr, and the Google Cloud Platform.

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Canva is a specialized design program that users can go through to create unique images. It uses a comparatively smaller tech stack than some of the other applications listed here, but that hasn’t prevented it from becoming incredibly successful. Some of the applications utilized by Canva include React, Java, TypeScript, MobX, Storybook, and Jetty. These applications and the top-quality tools that Canva offers to users have brought about significant success. Some of these tools include font combinations, a logo maker, a photo editor, and a palette generator.

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Gusto is a specialized tool within the payroll and benefits category of tech stacks. It provides small businesses with a fast, easy, and effective way to deal with payroll, calculate taxes, send, receive, and store I-9, W-2, and 1099 documents. It also provides essential HR services and seamlessly integrates with various time-tracking, accounting, and expense tracking software. 


Funnel is a specialized budgeting tool that can help CPG eCommerce businesses keep track of their budgeting and determine what is and isn’t working. It can also keep track of data from business intelligence solutions like Looker, Tableau, and Google Data Studio. Additionally, Funnel provides users with access to data collected from over 500 different marketing platforms, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner is an online application that offers its users a wide range of tools and technological services. These services include automatic forecasting for product replenishment, investing data, the ability to easily create purchase orders, track business growth, and help businesses find new ways to identify and move old stock through discounts and added traffic. Inventory Planner has successfully integrated into many different systems, including inventory management, accounting systems, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms. Some specific ecommerce platforms that have been integrated include Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, PrestaShop, and several others.

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CPG ecommerce brands who are looking to advance their business operations and develop success within the online world need to look carefully at the various tools and technological services that applications offer within their individual tech stack. These brands will need to look specifically for applications that fit within the realm of their business operations. For example, an inventory management company won’t need to look for applications containing tech stacks full of accounting or tax preparation services. That being said, some companies may find additional benefits in the utilization of such stacks, even if they don’t directly cohere with their primary business model.

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