In today’s world, automation is all around us. When implemented effectively, automation can increase production rates and productivity, promote more efficient use of materials, develop better product quality and reduce factory lead times. For small to medium sized businesses, automation is the key to growth and profit! 

Automation Begins in the Warehouse

But where will automation benefit you most and where should you start? Automation allows you to streamline your business model in a variety of ways. The first place to consider automation is your warehouse. Why? Your company’s warehouse is the first step in the manufacturing line and, some of the biggest potentials for errors occurs right at the beginning of your manufacturing process. Consider all the things that happen within the walls of your warehouse:

  • Supplies and materials are stored
  • Equipment is set-up
  • Inventory is managed 
  • Shipping and distribution is conducted 

All of these aspects of production are prone to human error and one mistake can have a domino effect within your business. Now, imagine having multiple locations where you’re selling your product or your production process happens in-house across various buildings or with multiple co-packers.

These additional factors increase the complexity of your inventory and the need for automated records that can speak to one another in real-time in an effort to reduce errors is crucial. That’s where Fiddle comes in! 

What Does Warehouse Automation Look Like?

Warehouse automation allows for better tracking of a variety of systems within the universe of your business. It links the various aspects of the supply chain to keep you abreast of exactly where you are with any given product or resource. In particular, automation at the warehouse level allows you to better maintain the following key aspects of a successful business.

  • Compliance
  • Connectivity and Integration
  • Speed and Agility
  • Flexibility

An automated system ensures that your warehouse is working at the highest level of productivity by ensuring you have enough supplies and materials on hand, product inventory is up-to-date, and distribution is streamlined to avoid errors in shipping. It also allows for instant communication between data systems to increase accuracy. 

Inventory automation software like Fiddle allows you and your employees to easily access multi-channel order tracking. That way, you always know your latest inventory levels whether that be broken down into materials, finished product, or both.

Today’s market is saturated with products and the fast-paced nature of every product market is reducing brand’s available time to manage inventory, fulfill orders and plan for growth. 

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